2010 Holiday Computer Tech Gift Guide – Unusual Gifts

If you’re shopping for a computer tech who already has their own iPad, you might have to dig a little deeper to find a hot gadget they don’t already have. Luckily, we found GeekyGadgets.com, which lists a bunch of great tech gifts you may not have heard of, but will be perfect for the computer tech in your life.

Do a lot of shopping online? Are you tired of entering your credit card info each time? Save time with SmartSwipe, a device that hooks up to your computer. Just swipe your card, and your info is encrypted and sent to the retailer for a safe and easy transaction.
Great for: People who shop a lot online. People who are nervous about making credit card transactions online.

AAAXA M2 Micro Projector
Do you use projectors for work, and sick of lugging one around? This small projector fits in the palm of your hand. It also can be used as a media player, and is the most powerful projector in it’s class.

Great for: Anyone who uses a projector -teachers, artists, and people who make a lot of presentations.

Ion Twin Video Camcorder
Have an aspiring film director in your family? Want something a little different than your average camcorder? This digital recorder features two lenses, to capture footage from two angles.

Great for: Someone who travels a lot and likes to record their travels. An aspiring film maker. Someone creative.


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