Pros and Cons of Having a Custom-Built Computer Part I: Pros

If you are not of the tech-savvy variety, then building a custom computer may sound like science fiction to you. But you should know that you don’t have to be a computer genius to have a business or gaming computer that is built to suit your needs. Nor do you have to scour the Web for online “Do It Yourself” videos and risk seriously damaging yourself and your computer to get it. You can actually visit your local Cleveland computer repair shop and many will not only supply the parts but they will actually do it for you! The question is: Is this something that will really benefit you, or would you be better off sticking with store-bought? Here we will try to help you answer that question.

Take a look at the computer you’re using; chances are it’s a few years old. What does it really cost you to buy a new machine, or better yet, build a new machine with the latest components? There are good reasons to consider the build-it-yourself computer route for your next machine, despite the lower prices and wide variety of PC’s available. This is an opportune time to build a hand-made machine, since Intel has packed most of its newest components together along with its processors for a low price.

Building your own PC lets you match your system to your needs and your budget, giving you the most for your money. If you need tons of hard-drive space for your digital photos or video, you can add one or more ultrahigh-capacity drives. If you use your computer very often to listen to music, and would like a more high-end audio, you can add a cutting-edge sound card. Going this route, you’ll know a lot more about a machine you built (or had built for you), you’ll feel confident that you have latest and greatest components, and you’ll feel a lot better about it.

Now, see part II for the cons of a custom built computer…


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