5 Simple PC Repair Tips Everyone Should Know

When it comes to computer repair, some things should be left to the experts. However, there are some simple things every PC user needs to know to keep their computer running smoothly, avoid future hassles, and protect your info. Here are 5 PC repair tips to keep in mind.

1. Record the Exact Error Message When Your Computer Crashes
When your computer crashes, the code it gives you is an important indicator of what is wrong. Even if you don’t understand the code, you can relay it to a computer tech or look it up online on another computer. This will help identify the exact problem, making repair much easier.

2. Restore Deleted Files
Have you ever deleted a file, only to realize later that you needed it? No worries – for there is a way to bring that file back! When you delete a file, it still exists somewhere on your hard drive. You can download a free utility called Recuva, which helps locate the file on the hard drive and restore it.

3. Uncheck Boxes When Installing Apps
Sometimes apps come with a bunch of add-ons that you may not want or need. And sometimes, by default, the boxes to select those add-ons are already checked. Take a good look at these and see if you actually need them, and uncheck the ones you don’t want. Installing add-ons can slow your computer down and some are really not helpful or necessary to have on your computer.

4. Be Wary of Cleaning Apps
Some apps that claim to clean your computer and enhance its performance can do more harm than good, especially Registry Cleaners. A safe way to clean up your system is to use Disk Cleanup, which is already on your computer if you have Windows. To use it, go to your “Start Menu,” then select “All programs”, “Accessories,” then “System Tools.”

5. Get Rid of Old Apps You No Longer Need
Having a bunch of apps on your computer can slow it down, and possibly cause issues. If you find you have apps you no longer use (or have downloaded a newer version), it’s a good idea to uninstall them. You can do this by going to “Programs and Features.” Look through the list, and uninstall those apps you no longer need.

These are just a handful of basic PC repair tips to know. For a more comprehensive list, visit PCWorld.


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