Computer Tech in Cleveland Reveals Secrets for Microsoft Office

Have you ever found yourself struggling with certain aspects of Microsoft Office, thinking “There must be a better way to do this?” Well, if so, here are some tips and tricks from PC World.

Convert PDF Files to Word – There are two free programs you can use to do this, PDF to Word and Nitro PDF Reader. This way, you can edit a PDF file.

Create and Use Macros – Macros allow you to record and automate tasks you use often, thus cutting down a lot of time. Enable the “Developer” tab, then click the “Office” button located in the upper left-hand corner. Choose “Word Options,” and check “Show Developer.” When you click on the “Developer” tab in your document, you can now record your own macros and assign them to keys.

Use Thumbnails for Long Documents – Rather than scrolling through long Word documents to find a certain passage, use the thumbnails to find the page you’re looking for. Click on the “View” tab and check the “Thumbnails” box.

Remove Text Formatting – If you want to copy and paste text without bringing the formatting along (including hyperlinks), copy the text using Ctrl-C, then open the “Edit” menu. Then choose Paste special, and then “Unformatted Text.”

Don’t Like Office 2007? – If you’re like me and just switched to Office 2007, and aren’t used to the format, there is good news! You can bring back the old, familiar menu set up with UBitMenu, a free add-on.

Keep Prying Eyes Out of Your Documents – You can add a password to documents to make them more secure. Choose “Save As” and then click the “Tools” drop-down menu, and choose “General Options.”

Using these tips, you’ll feel like a real computer tech wizard at your Cleveland office, avoiding unnecessary hassles and making your Microsoft Office experience much easier.


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