Remote PC Repair Tips: How to Completely Uninstall Programs

The longer you’ve had your computer, the more likely its performance will suffer because of the glut of programs that exist or have existed on your hard drive. That’s right—even programs that you’ve uninstalled long ago can have components that are still knocking around on your hard drive. We’ve seen plenty of examples while performing remote PC repair.

When installed, many programs will copy files into the Windows registry. But even after you remove the program with the Windows Add/Remove software program, there may still be support files or folders somewhere in the System32 folder or in the registry. When these files accumulate, your PC will slow down.

So what can you do to make sure you’re rid of those parts of programs you no longer want? Messing around with the System32 folder or with the registry can be dangerous, and you should only approach something like that with an IT expert or with someone offering remote PC repair.

One popular program that can help safely clean your PC better than the standard Windows Add/Remove program is Absolute Uninstaller. It won’t just take care of unused, lingering keys in your Windows, it can also get rid of annoying icons and start menu items that remain even after the associated program has been uninstalled. Because it’s simple and user-friendly, it can also be used effectively in remote PC repair.


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